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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Comment Replies, Part II

And now for F.E. Mazur, who is one of many writers (and just happens to be the most recent) who thinks that publishing wouldn’t exist without them.

F.E. Mazur says…
My only comment to Sammy's post is this: he should feel some indebtedness to the wannabes. It's they who brought about a spike in the number and importance of literary agents, Until that increase, editors were getting smacked on all surfaces of the head by thousands of horrible manuscripts that writers were tossing over the transom. Finally, a few publishers and editors had lunch together and said, "We need an army of %%())*@$&!s to sift through this crap before it gets to us." So thank the wannabe, Sammy, and be nice about it.

Are you kidding? Wannabes are why there are literary agents? There have been agents for over 100 years, before the word processor made everyone a potential wannabe. When people had to type their manuscripts, they took writing a lot more seriously than the yo-yo’s do now. Typewriters, God love ‘em, weeded out the lazy, fame-seeking shits, who then turned to Amway to make their fortune and their mark on the world. And if I follow the logic here, then I guess doctors should be grateful for diseases or dentists should be grateful for sugar. Icky.

And for my last reply for the evening, to Anonymous, who says of Marley’s post (and don’t worry, I am sure she will respond when she sees this comment, too)… You really need to make up your mind whether you are criticizing mothers with four kids for writing or people who are untrained to write for writing. There's no ipso facto relationship between the two in the first instance. I agree with you in the second instance, but, again, there's no lips-and-teeth relationship between mommies and untrained writers. A little fuzzy thinking on your part, I think.

Oh, Anony, but there is. Do you have any idea how many mommies are untrained writers? I am beginning to think it is now part of the birthing process. The hospital hands you a baby, a car seat, and a book on how to get published. And to make it clear, I think Marls was criticizing both. I doubt she mentions anyone without criticizing him, so that would be my guess.

And next, after I consume some more vino, I will comment on a rotten scammer who got caught red-handed—James Frey—in a post I like to call A Million Little Pieces of Bullshit.


  • At 5:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I, for one, am eager to read your wine-infused rant on that rat bastard.

    It has boggled my mind recently whenever I see readers with newly bought copies of that well designed package of lies.

    Oprah should be lambasted for giving that scumbucket a pass on Larry King Live.


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