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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Transit Workers, You Go!

Okay, this is e-goddamn-nough! This bullshit about the transit workers striking in NYC has really pissed me off. You want to know why? Because the greedy bastards who are bashing the transit workers are just like wannabe writers. They want everything for nothing, and they resent anyone who tells them that the world works on give and take, not take only.

First of all, what kind of idiots pass a bullshit law that says government workers can’t strike? Does THAT make any sense? So it is okay for the government to fuck over citizens as long as those citizens SERVE in a capacity that suits the needs of the majority of people in a given location? Herein lies the reasons publishing is ready to take a plunge into the depths of nowhere: Selfish, greedy fuckers from the top of the pile on down, including wannabes who are scratching their way up from the dirt floor of the literary basement, are sucking the life out of the system they so desparately need and want to be a part of.

How sad.

So far, I have not heard anyone stand up for the transit workers and say “Way to go!” or anything positive. All I have heard is people bitching and whining, and articles detailing that hospitals are running out of blood and poor Joe Schlepdog Workerfuck can’t get to Starbucks on time to serve the anal retentive assholes standing in line complaining about having to share body sweat with three other co-workers in the ride-share lane. I haven’t heard anyone supporting the transit workers in their efforts to fight for the rights of people who have somehow become the slaves of the sort of middle-class-that-doesn’t-exist drones who really believe that if we all just take it up the ass from the corporations, they will take care of us. I don’t believe it, and I never have.

And I have never believed that literary agents should take it up the ass from writers who believe that they are the all important end-alls. You aren’t, and I think that the transit workers have proven, in the same spirit, that commuters need them more than transit workers need pinhead mother-fuckers who believe that getting to Scrotum and Sons to build widgets is the most important job in the fucking universe.

You hear me transit workers? This literary agent is with you. I, too, get shit from people who believe that without them, I would be nothing. Without them, I would have fewer dickhead queries to answer, that’s all. I find it appalling that most people in NYC, including top elected officials and the courts, are fighting against people who are just trying to keep from getting screwed. But that is how publishing is, isn’t it? Everyone loves an agent until he sends a bill for postage and handling, or until he tells a writer that she isn’t going to get 6 figures, but only 5 instead. Then he is nothing but a useless pile of shit.

So I say “Go transit workers!” The hospitals should have had enough blood in supply in case of a natural disaster (or terrorist attack, if you can imagine anything like that happening in our fair city), so if a transit strike affects their supply, how ready for an actual disaster are they? Pussies. Someone needs to kick some medical ass. The dumbfucks who are bitching because they have to get to their law offices of Get, Get, and Getmore so they can fuck the little old lady down the street who has a savings account but no way to sweep her walk to make it safe for passersby just a little harder can walk to work--might do their fat asses good.

Me? I can work at home if need be, but I haven't had to. I would walk miles in the freezing ass cold in my underwear to support people who just want to make a living. And you should to. Shame on you, NYC, and shame on greedy wannabe writers.


  • At 12:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thank you for putting this whole ordeal into perfect context. The news media, for the most part, have failed miserably in their jobs reporting the real story here. Perhaps most of the people who feel the way you and I do about the situation haven't been as vocal in their support of the transit workers because they see the writing on the wall and feel in their gut this is just another battle in a class war that's been lost already. Welcome to The United States of Corporate America, where you're not allowed to die on your own terms but instead must wait until all the prescription drugs you've been deluged with but can't afford have finally taken their toll on your body not to mention your credit rating while the good ol' US of Inc. has taken away your pension, your 401(k), whatever's left in your savings account, and denied you any chance of filing for bankruptcy because, well, that would be un-American! Ah, freedom....


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