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Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Things We Do For LOVE

Okay, I promised my girlfriend that I would post something literary on my "website." I know what you are thinking, and, yes, I have many girlfriends. If we've done it, er, I mean, dated at least three times, then I call my amor my girlfriend. When we get past 7-8, then she's my special girlfriend. After that, I dump 'em because the next step is "relationship." Well, I don't really dump anyone, I just don't clamor for sex as often and they get the hint and go husband hunting elsewhere.

They will never take me alive.

Anyway, to keep girlfriend 6,075 happy, I promised her I would offer my readers something literary, and what could be more literary than fucking poetry? Without further bullshit, here goes:

My Life by Sammy She-Bammy

There once was an agent named Sammy
whose balls got all cold and clammy.
He lacked a soft mouth from a girl from the south
who could give Sammy some whammy pajammy!

What, you expected Poe?


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