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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Sammy's Turkey Day Wishes

What I won't do for a little holiday lovin'! I didn't even think about posting a Turkey Day message until my lovely bedmate rolled over and said, "Hey, is this your vibrator or mine?" And then it hit me--the idea, not the vibrator--I forgot to post a T-Day massage, er, message.

Well, Gorgeous notices my scowl of concentration and asks what's wrong. When I explain, carefully referring to my bloggy-poo here as my "web site," Lovely refused me any more nook until I got up and posted this. She isn't anything if not conscientious, thoughtful, and really hard to resist when she uses them honey-flavored body oils.

So, here is Sammy's official Thanksgiving Day post:

I hope everyone has a great fuckin' holiday and great holiday fuckin'! Happy Thanksgiving!


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