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Friday, October 28, 2005

Snark on 7 Action

I was surfing my way through the blogs last evening, looking for a site with some naughty editor pix, when I came upon a posty-poo written by Miss Snark in which she severely verbally beat Agent 007 about the head and shoulders.

Oh my, I wasn't aware! What happened girls? Was it a turf war or something?

I leave you girls alone for just a little while, and what do you do but fight? For shame! Is it because ol' Sammy isn't paying enough attention to you literary lovelies or what? If you are going to fight, might I suggest naked mud wrestling (and we can substitute whip cream for the mud)? Let me know when it going to happen and we'll advertise--do I smell Pay-Per-View here?

To whit, my lovelies, put your differences aside! There is enough Sammy to go around! I am all rested up after Paris, London, etc., and I have a referee's uniform (don't ask, but I keep it beside the spare cheerleader's uniform in my closet, right next to the bunny suit) that's ready for action. Just tell me when, and you can blow my whistle any time.


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