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Monday, October 24, 2005

Sammy's Back, Baby!

Sammy’s Quiz

1. What happened to Sammy in Europe?
a. He got laid.
b. He made some great deals
c. He drank as much wine and beer as humanly possible.
d. All of the above

If you dumbshits answered anything but D, you, as the song laments, don’t know me. Europe was great and I hated to come home to the NYC hustle, hustle go-go-go bullshit. Weather was about the same, but it’s slower there, you know? Not so capitalist. But, to NYC’s credit, the plumbing is much better.

Oh well…

On the long trip home I wrote out my next post, mainly because I was inspired by the goings on in Frankfurt. Let me ask you, what kind of people clamber after some drugged out, anger-filled sort of rocker turned actress just because she is willing to shill on her dead husband and her living kid? Complete losers, that’s who (hey, there is a reason I remain anonymous—it’s called backlash, baby, backlash). The industry is getting even sleazier, and so my next few posts will be about the crap that is bringing us all down. There is just too much for one post. However, the highlights include:

writers’ organizations
watch groups
publishers (and, yes, I do work with them, too)

And ooh so many more! I would talk about the great deals that were made, but, honestly, there weren’t that many that actually serve the greater good, or any good for that matter. The most talk was about how Google is trying to screw writers. I say, go for it, Googly-Bear! You screw ‘em good!

Mainly, those deals made in Hotdog City serve to put mula in the pockets of the pinheads running the corporations. Have you ever been in an industry you helped build, only to watch a bunch of sniveling outsiders bring it down just so they can say they have had a little taste of it? God forbid these losers work for it. No, it is much easier to play career dress-up. The problem is, those are my goddamn clothes you are wearing!
Jesus, I’m getting too old for this shit.


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