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Friday, October 28, 2005

Grapes of Wrath

It's been brought to my attention (Hey, asshole, you suck!) that I do not help writers on my blog. The complaintant stated that I made fun of you all--call you wannabes and such--and that someone with my experiences and expertise should be more helpful.

I would answer that I am helpful. I try to discourage those who have no hope of ever getting successfully published, which includes the vast majority of writers--98% of you, in fact (that's like 1-2 out of every 1000). Isn't it better to be aware right upfront than to waste otherwise productive time in a hopeless endeavor? Ask any couple going through fertility treatments.

Because I don't pander to and solicit writers, because I don't suck up like Agent 007 and Miss Snark (Tough love? Are you kidding?) , it is assumed ol' Sammy doesn't care. But yet not very well concealed in all my posts are pearls of wisdom. Clues, hints, road signs pointing the path to success on the publishing highway. You just have to look for them and know what to do with them when you find them. This blog is a metaphor for the publishing industry. Figure it out, and you get the key to the literary city.


  • At 1:15 AM, Blogger Ronn McCarrick said…

    Fuck them if they don't get it. I like your particular brand of help. Besides, I think you're fucking entertaining as hell. Keep it up.

  • At 8:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    1 or 2 out of 1000 isn't 98%.
    Do you doublecheck the royalty sheets on all those bestsellers too?


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