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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Nice Piece!!

Hey, Agent 007!! Saw your Agent/Editor piece on you blog. Impressive and I’m jealous—wish I had thought of it first. Only one thing. Yeah I know, it’s easier to shoot at something that’s already in the pot. But here it is anyway: I find it scary that you would give up a client’s contact information to an editor before the contract. I mean I know he was sexy and all, but that should be all the more reason not to share, shouldn’t it?

I assumed you were independent, but your piece indicated that you were part of a firm. I know the scenario was fictional, or I assumed it so, but wouldn’t it have been more realistic in your natural element—no collogues (none that you can trust anyway)?

But anyway, congrats on a nice piece. Oh speaking of that, I know what you mean by good looks winning the day. Man this happen tres mucho. You can always tell, can’t you, when sex has reeled an editor in? They tend to act goofy and gush when they talk about your client—sickening!!


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