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Saturday, August 27, 2005

A Damn Hard Day at the Office

Spend a typical day with me:

9:00 AM. Arrive at work. Turn on computer and delete spam. Separate personal mail, mail from clients, and queries. Delete queries. Get coffee—two cups.

10:00 AM. Get posted mail from secretary. Separate personal mail, client mail, junk mail and queries. Combine queries and junk mail into a pile. Read client and personal mail. Trash all other mail. Buzz secretary for more coffee.

11:00 AM Call editors and schmooze to find out who is taking me to lunch. Put lunch dates in a pile, sort guy editor from girl editors. Sort girl editors into two piles--whiners versus smart with physical attributes. Throw names from the non-whiners in the air and grab one (hoping for the curvy blonde with the long hair). Call curvy blonde and confirm. Trash guy offers. Whew!!! Hard work.

12 N to 2:00 PM. Lunch. (Due to recent weight gains, I’m taking some days to walk in the park and skipping lunch)

2:00 PM. Call or write clients and advise them of current movement, sales positions, sub-rights deals pending, etc, etc. Take a quick Cappuccino break.

4:00 PM Prepare to depart office for the day.

4:02 PM Depart office. Quickly before anyone else calls asking another stupid question.

So there you have it, folks, Welcome to my world. And keep in mind that most trade acquisitions editors’ jobs are three times easier than mine (see other posts on BookAngst blog by Mad Max for confirmation).

Have a nice day.


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